Cal Western SBA Presidents

Past Cal Western SBA Presidents

The California Western SBA is a student run association representing the collective voice of our student body. We serve as a conduit of communication among students, faculty, staff and the administration. We strive to come together to share concerns, express opinions, learn more about the legal education community, and certainly most of all to get things done.

The SBA facilitates communication, event planning and funding for 30+ student organizations active on campus through the 2015-2016 academic year. Additionally, the SBA. undertakes major programming for students including events such as Bar Reviews, Race Judicata, and Barristers’ Ball. Throughout the fall semester the SBA runs an intraschool basketball league, weekly yoga and sponsors CWSL indoor soccer teams. Yoga continues through the spring with the addition of a Softball league.

SBA also publishes the school newspaper, The Commentary. The Commentary covers a variety of issues. All students are encouraged to submit articles and ideas on topics they wish to see covered.

Click here to meet our 2014 retiring board. Click here to view photos.

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