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Founded in 1973, the Commentary is California Western’s student owned and operated newspaper. It is published every month and serves to provide students and faculty with an outlet for news and opinions that are of interest to the law school community. The paper also tries to blend humor, sarcasm, and wit into every issue to keep students interested and entertained. If you would like to get involved with the paper, or have a great story or story idea to share, please email or speak with any of the staff when you see them on campus.


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      2014-2015 Commentary Staff

    • Co Editor-in-Chief: Seve Gonzales
    • Co Editor-in-Chief: Clinton Pierce
    • Managing Editor: Noura Bariche
    • Design Editor: Allan Acevedo
    • Copy Editor: Lorenzo Morales
    • Associate Editor (Artichoke): Alex Perez
    • Associate Editor (Advice/Opinion): Chris Goodrich
    • Associate Editor (Legal News): Joshua Souk
    • Associate Editor (Creative Commentary/ Features): Nichole Schirm
    • Associate Editor (Campus News): Sarah Donaldson
    • Associate Editor (Professor’s Page): Turner Hopkinson

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